In 1964, the Research Program started primarily to help graduate students in their agricultural researches. It gained momentum, and with the recognition of the importance of research in an academic community, the program expanded to cover more technical researches on selected agricultural commodities.

In 1978, the Research and Extension Programs were merged creating the Research and Development Center (R & DC). The pipeline concept was used, with the research outputs being passed on to the extension group under the maxim “development is research utilized.” Research was envisioned to establish a foundation for accomplishing one of the four functions of the university.

In 1987, the R & DC became the Research, Extension and Training (RET). R & D programs were geared at improving the quality of life of the people and the communities.

As one of the core offices of RET, the University Research Office has received prominence and has established a solid ground in its continuing efforts to contribute to countryside development.


Research office as a frontier center of R&D programs for empowering participating individuals and groups to improve their quality of life.


Develop packages of appropriate technologies, processes, and systems adaptive to sustainable agro-industrial productivity in a changing environment


Focused R and D program on selected grains and vegetable crops for sustainable development

CORE Values