One of the thrust of the Research program of the Central Luzon State University as spelled out in its regional responsibility is the production of quality seeds. Though most seed companies specializes on the production of hybrid seed because of its high yield performance/potential, many farmers still prefer to grow inbred seeds or OPV since it is cheaper and most importantly farmers could plant it several times. With this, the Research Office was engaged to this demand of farmers.

             In line with the national mandate to increase food production with competitive advantage, the Research Program of the Special Projects Division envisions to actively engage in this development undertaking. The establishment of said seed production project will strengthen the collaboration between the different government agencies, private organizations, growers, consumers, as well as the marketing sector towards a more efficient delivery of quality seeds to agricultural producers and other beneficiaries.

             Ultimately, this undertaking will provide significant contribution to seed production systems of selected commodities and seed technology in terms of processing, seed storage, seed testing, seed quality control, and seed marketing. Seed technology is the methods through which the genetic and physical characteristics of seeds could be improved. It involves such activities as variety development, evaluation and release, seed production, processing, storage and certification. Also efficient resource utilization of farm and/or crops residues and a cost – reducing production system that will benefit the farmers and other stakeholders are at stakes on the research undertakings of the Special Projects Division. Likewise, the project can cater students for their thesis and field practice/on the job training to be exposed to the practical application on the field as their requirements for graduation.




Improve the existing production system into cost-reducing seed production technologies for prolonging the viability of selected cereals, legumes and vegetable and maintain the scent of aromatic rice and develop a seed production project which will cater to needs of the producers, consumers and agro-based industries in Region III in particular and the country in general.


  • Student Collaborations (Thesis, Field Practice/ On the job training). The division is accepting students to hitch our research projects as their student research, and also we are open for requests on hands on training/ field practice in our seed production activities.
  • Seeds For Sale
    • Milled Rice (Aromatic)
    • Palay Seeds
    • Open Pollinated Seeds (Depends on availability of stocks)
      • Corn (Sweet Corn, White Corn)
      • Vegetable Seeds (Ampalaya, Patola, Kalabasa, Upo, Okra, Talong, Sili, Kamatis)
      • Legumes (Soybean, Peanut, Sitao, Sitaw-paayap, Mungbean)
      • Sunflower
    • Facilities
    • Seed Laboratory tests germination of seeds to assure its quality before being bought by the consumers.
    • Cold Storage at 100C to prolong the shelf life of seeds that is intended for sale and more likely to preserve the life of seeds that will be planting materials of the Research Office.
    • Field area for researches and major practice/ on the job training (OJT) that is in line with thrusts of Research Office.
    • Training/Expert Assistance

Special Projects Division offers trainings on legume production especially on soybean and peanut. Just send letter of request addressed to the Director of Research, Maria Excelsis M. Orden; thru the Division Chief, Marcial A. Gonzales.